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Double Your LinkedIn Connections – Just a Few Minutes Each Day LinkedIn continues to be one of the top social media platforms for lawyers who are in the B2B arena.  By setting aside just a few minutes everyday day, you can easily double and even triple your LinkedIn connections and build strong relationships with your
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Why Wikipedia is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool for Personal and Business Branding I think everyone uses Wikipedia. I know everyone has searched something on Google, Bing and or Yahoo. That means you have seen your “search” as a Wikipedia link in one of the top results on the search page. Just type in a
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Simple WordPress Security Using Strong Usernames and Passwords and Two-Step Authentication The most common WordPress hacks result from the use of poor usernames and passwords. To protect your site from brute force attacks (forced log in to your administrative account), you can do the following: 1 – Change your admin username. To do this: 1
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We know the market which translates into new leads for you. Swoboda Marketing, LLC provides internet marketing, that is that simple to follow. Whether it is a new website or redesign of an old one, pay per click, SEO, Social Media or other internet marketing strategies; we offer a variety of comprehensive and affordable internet

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2013 was extremely eventful in terms of Google updates. Key 2013 changes included additional releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird, and the most important- shift away from providing keyword data credits to encrypted search terms. Many have gone so far as to ask whether SEO as a service is dead. For one interesting point of

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Get Your WordPress Website to Work for YOU! What is Important? When I think of a website the first thing that comes to mind it how can the features make my life easier. Don’t we all want to generate income while sitting on the beach? Lessen our load, by eliminating overhead and the headaches of
What does your profile image say about you? I recently watched the Channel 2 career coach speak about this topic. His recommendation was NOT to put a picture of yourself on your page. I agree. In fact I have told Owners that for years. Your “look” may not be right for potential clients or employers.
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An Aha Moment Once upon a time… When I was new to the marketing game, there was a shiny bright sunny Princess. She was my subordinate in a busy office and displayed a sunny disposition, charm and energy to each customer walking in the door. She smiled often, always helped her co-workers,was eager to learn
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Check each one of these off and watch your business SOAR! 1. Identify your Niche and Ideal Client Base. 2. Evaluate Front of House 3. Outline Marketing Plan and Create Budget 4. Effective Automated Website 5. Develop SEO Plan 6. Develop Internet Marketing Plan 7. Develop Lead & Referral Follow-up Plan 8. Develop Automated E-Marketing

Remember your ABC’s

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Remember your ABC’s Always – Be – Closing!     Translates to ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. The best marketing campaign in the world can’t help a bad closer. Driving traffic is only part of the equation. Your sales team or maybe it is just you, need to know how to close a deal. Here is are a

Display Advertising

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Display Advertising is graphic advertising on the internet that appears next to content on web pages other than your own, such as IM applications, email, other search criteria and internet news platforms. This product is similar in nature to remarketing. These Display Advertising advertisements, often referred to as banner ads, come in standard ad sizes

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Post
Internet Marketing is an art form as much as it is a strategy to place your website to the forefront of the Internet. As a business owner, finding a marketing strategy that is cost-effective can be a difficult task. Times have changed and traditional (yellow pages, newspaper)  advertising techniques don’t provide the return on investment necessary