Internal Systems and CRM

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Internal Systems and CRM

We often speak to owners who tell us that they have 90% closing ratios or they get lots of traffic through their website. When asked how they calculate their data, there is no process or software program in place to capture this data. If an owner wants to be successful they must be able to measure and analyze statistics vital to their business.

Most businesses have one question when asking where the customer found them. However, few actually track this information. The information on that line is priceless and as important to their business’s success as that entire document. If a business does not track where new customers come from how do they know who to target in a marketing campaign?

If a customer calls the business and needs a simple question answered is the owner playing phone tag because basic information is not centralized? If vendors call, are you unable to leave a quick answer to a question in a location your staff will easily find it? Centralizing all customers … email..

Businesses that track their marketing, operations, and financial data are more profitable as they are able to manage every aspect of the business with ease. Add automation to this formula and your business will be organized and profitable.

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