Sales Training
Phone Etiquette Marketing and Sales Tips Do You Have Secret Lead Killers? Every team member answering the phone in your business is part of your marketing team. Having an awesome marketing campaign is not enough. If the first contact your new leads (or current customers) have is with an untrained staff member, your marketing dollars are
CRM = Customer Relationship Management Is Your Business Ready for CRM Software? In my humble opinion, every business, big and small, needs some sort of CRM. All businesses have clients to nurture, client needs to accommodate and sales statistics that require tracking. You can not manage a business with post-it notes or spreadsheets. Competition is too fierce, your client requires

Internal Systems and CRM

Internal Systems and CRM We often speak to owners who tell us that they have 90% closing ratios or they get lots of traffic through their website. When asked how they calculate their data, there is no process or software program in place to capture this data. If an owner wants to be successful they