If a website is online and no one sees it, does it really exist? Deep thoughts regarding your Guerrilla MARKETING STRATEGY… Digital marketing is absolutely essential to any online inbound marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your goal is lead generation, client service, sales support or even simply maintaining a basic web presence, the more “alive”
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You probably already know these Internet Marketing Basics, but are you using them? Sometimes it is the more simple marketing that produces the best outcome. So it’s Back to Internet Marketing Basics: Does Your Website Pass the Click Test? Statically website visitors and email users spend about 10-20 seconds per page or email. If your
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Why Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing to a Proven Agency? Swoboda Marketing are social media marketing experts.  We don’t just do social media marketing (SMM), we do it PERFECTLY. So you want to engage your customers and potential customers, and you know that social media is where you’ll find them.  What you may
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Phone Etiquette Marketing and Sales Tips Do You Have Secret Lead Killers? Every team member answering the phone in your business is part of your marketing team. Having an awesome marketing campaign is not enough. If the first contact your new leads (or current customers) have is with an untrained staff member, your marketing dollars are



Your Business is Unique… Your Internet Marketing & Website Design should be also! We believe your internet marketing and website design should be built around your needs. No more, No Less. From providing content, images and logos to SEO, PPC and social media; we ensure that your company’s online presence is perfectly aligned with that of
Your Business is Unique Your Internet Marketing Should Be Also! If your business is looking for a successful internet marketing campaign or web design assistance, you have landed on the right agency to achieve your goals. My team and  I are of professional web designers, programmers, developers and marketing experts from around the globe. Together we have
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Let the Big Internet Retailers do your work for you.  Cold Calling is For Amateurs! Where does your target audience “hang out”? The best way to have a successful inbound marketing plan is to go where your target customers are. Here is one idea: So let’s say your business is selling staplers. You have the
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How do you know if you are a successful business owner? Some measure success in terms of money. Others use data like number of potential customers, or even receiving prestigious awards. I believe it is more basic than that, a successful Owner knows he or she is successful when customers send you thank you notes,
CRM = Customer Relationship Management Is Your Business Ready for CRM Software? In my humble opinion, every business, big and small, needs some sort of CRM. All businesses have clients to nurture, client needs to accommodate and sales statistics that require tracking. You can not manage a business with post-it notes or spreadsheets. Competition is too fierce, your client requires


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Your Own VP of Marketing

Have you every wished you had someone who KNOWS your industry and the marketing you should be doing; that you could just call to run marketing ideas by, get advice on a campaign or offer, ask the tough questions – or just get some accountability? This is your opportunity for just that! You know it’s time; you’ve built a successful Firm and recognize that your time is better spent working on your Firm rather than in your Firm. But you are not ready to hire a full time VP or Director of Marketing and Sales. That’s where we come in. For less than half the price of a full time VP of Marketing we can help take your Firm to the next level through strategic marketing planning, development, and implementation.