How Can Pay-Per-Click Advertising Help Your Business?

How Can Pay-Per-Click Advertising Help Your Business?

When you can shape your pay-per-click advertising efforts based on actual keyword traffic data and goal conversions instead of estimates and guesswork, you will not only save money by lowering your irrelevant traffic, but you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

Every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you have to pay the search engine a small fee (or large depending on your idea of small). When PPC is working correctly, the fee is worth it, because the visit is worth more than what you paid for it. In other words, if you pay $8 for a click, but the click results in a $200 sale, then you’ve made a hefty profit.

Grow Your Customer Base – Connect with people deliberately seeking a product like yours, and make them happy by providing them with an offer relevant to their search query.

Lower Advertising Costs – Enjoy an algorithmically generated discount from the search engines in exchange for making their users happy.

Brand Your Business – the more frequently searchers see you are the more likely they are to contact you when they are ready to pull the buying trigger.

The Marketing FACTS:

Searchers – People click on paid search ads more often than any other form of digital advertising. They don’t mind being advertised to, but they want to land on a page that fulfills their needs.

Advertisers – Advertisers are offered a unique means of putting their message in front of an audience who is actively seeking their product.

Results – Pay-per-click advertising can offer immediate sales results when done properly. When not done properly, pay-per-click advertising can cost you a small fortune.


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