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Why is TikTok a Good Platform for Influencer Marketing?

My Agency specializes in helping you plan, build, and market your products and services. Let me explain how to use influencers to promote your brand for fast results.

TikTok SM cash

TikTok is fast paced, exciting, fun, and creative. TikTok is designed for mobile devices and gives people the content they want really fast, with short video clips covering everything from trending dance videos, foodies, beauty to tutorials and breaking news.

  • TikTok has 689 million monthly active users
  • 90% of TikTok users access the app every day!
  • 9 million monthly active users are located in the US
  • The top TikTok user has 111 million followers
  • TikTok users spend an average of 858 minutes on the app each month
  • In January 2021, TikTok was the second most downloaded app in the world
  • TikTok has a significant lead on Instagram’s 3.86% and YouTube’s 1.63% engagement rates
  • Studies show an engagement rate of nearly 18% with micro-influencers on the platform
  • 68% of TikTok users have watched another user’s video
  • 37% of users have a household income of $100k+
  • 8% of TikTok users are female

The platform’s unique and intuitive algorithm can show users the exact type of content they want to see along with allowing users to create a list of favorite creators. TikTok can make user-generated content go viral very quickly due to its 689 million monthly active users with 90% of TikTok users accessing the app every day!

Influencers have quickly caught on to the numerous benefits TikTok offers consumers and businesses. Invested users have successfully grown massive audiences and connected with people in unique ways. Brands that partner with TikTok influencers can grow their business by targeting people in their specific niche.

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