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Internet Marketing is an art form as much as it is a strategy to place your website to the forefront of the Internet. As a business owner, finding a marketing strategy that is cost-effective can be a difficult task. Times have changed and traditional (yellow pages, newspaper)  advertising techniques don’t provide the return on investment necessary or reach enough potential clients. Swoboda Marketing can build an internet marketing infrastructure, effectively integrating strong keywords, back-linking, directory listing and can deliver high-quality content.  Internet Marketing  will increase your annual return on investment dramatically.

What is Internet Marketing Worth? How much money are you spending on marketing? How much additional revenue are you making as a result of this marketing? Successful internet marketing takes advantage of several reasonably priced advertising mediums in order to achieve a dominating online presence, which translates to less of an investment on your part.

Putting your website in front of potential clients is where Swoboda Marketing comes in. Our knowledge of the inner workings of the internet marketing world enables us to tailor a plan to fit your budget. We begin by taking a base reading of your website  rankings and the keywords you currently utilize. Our constant analysis and manipulation of the data guarantees improvement and keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Swoboda Marketing is capable of generating a considerable number of new leads for your Business. When combined with our other marketing services, we can increase your conversion rate by turning leads into clients, who not only become repeat clients but also help promote your Business and spread the word across the web through referrals and reviews.

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A busy Owner wears too many hats and does not have the time to keep up with  ever changing marketing and advertising trends which include PPC budgets, search engine optimization, web presence, social networking and all of the cutting edge new products making their way to the market on a daily basis. Let the skilled marketing consultants at Swoboda Marketing take the burden off you while we increase your  return on investment.


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