What is Co-op Advertising?

Swoboda Marketing’s Co-op Advertising methods will give you access to a large pool of potential leads. We help you to retain new customers with a minimum investment of your marketing and advertising dollars. We specialize in co-op advertising:  Prime search engine real estate is limited. For those markets with a high level of competition we offer co-op advertising. Co-op Advertising pools the resources of a select number of Businesses in any one  area, geographically targeting the entire state and placing this Directory in the top paid positions on search engine results at a fraction of the cost.

There are thousands of people searching online every day shopping for solutions to their problems.google heat map

Take a look at the image to your right. This is a Google heat map displaying where the eye goes when searching the internet. YES! they can track that too! As you see, right side PPC placement does not produce conversions.  Co-op Advertising can also support campaigns for television and radio.

How Do We Generate Leads?

  1. Advertising
  2. Marketing
  3. Promotions
  4. Loyalty marketing
  5. Event marketing
  6. Trade and Co-branding partnerships
  7. Branding
  8. Media planning and buying
  9. Strategic planning
  10. Strategic Web Design
  11. Custom Application Development
  12. Website Analysis and Consulting
  13. Search Engine Marketing
  14. Email Marketing

We use a variety of marketing practices, to drive thousands of visitors to your Business. For a more extensive overview of how we drive this traffic, and how the scale of our efforts can reduce your Company’s cost, read on…

Guaranteed Results

Through our expert knowledge and familiarity with all aspects of marketing and advertising, we guarantee that your Business will see a dramatic increase in visitors and generated leads. We track and analyze metrics to ensure that your targeted social media strategy is successful. As we manage these results in real time, we are able to quickly adapt to any changes in order to continually improve your rate of success.

At Swoboda Marketing , we pride ourselves on our 100% customer-satisfaction. We believe in our client’s ability to succeed and as such we work diligently to ensure that they do.

Think Outside the Box  

Co-op Advertising  is a marketing strategy that increases the search engine placement of small to mid-sized businesses by creating a directory industry  specific companies. Pooling their financial resources insures top search engine placement, facilitating equal distribution of practice specific leads to each Business.

With ongoing efforts to expand its campaigns for local and state client bases, Our Company has established itself as a dependable, affordable lead generation specialist. We utilize internet search engine optimization, pay per click, social media , radio, TV and email campaigns to generate the highest volume of customers through these media sources.