Have you every wished you had someone who KNOWS your industry and the marketing you should be doing? WE DO! Someone that you could just call to run marketing ideas by, get advice on a campaign or offer, ask the tough questions or just get some accountability? This is your opportunity for just that! Without a Marketing Plan You Are Throwing Money Away!

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We meet companies all the time who think a formal marketing plan is an expendable luxury, yet are challenged with meeting their business objectives: getting more clients and increasing sales. Experience has taught us that most successful companies have a written marketing plan – and follow it. Without a plan, money gets wasted on what we call “ad-hoc marketing”: a print ad here, a radio spot there, a direct mail campaign, networking events, never knowing if any of it is really working – or whether it could be working better. Swoboda Marketing’s mission is to help you achieve all the dreams you had when you started your business by teaching you a simple, easy to follow, systematic approach to marketing. Identifying your ideal client – and your target market – is key to building a successful Business!

Approximately 84% of our population is using local internet search to find businesses;  Are you getting found?

Here’s what Our Swoboda Marketing Consultant will help you do. 

  • Identify your target market –Who is your best client? Let’s find that out and go get more just like them!
  • How are you different? What makes your company unique from everyone else out there doing what you do? (Hint: it’s neither “great service” nor “fair prices” – who doesn’t offer those?). Let’s do some work and figure that out and boldly announce that to your target market!
  • The next step is to build a marketing plan tailored to your company and the money and resources available to you. Your marketing plan can range from the very basic to the most complex – this is completely up to you, your budget and your business goals.
  • Once we’ve narrowed down your target market we will teach you how you can use the latest marketing technologies to educate your target audience (reducing the need to SELL!): Email, blogs, Squeeze pages, client segmentation, marketing collateral and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and create a strategy to engage your target market in a conversation with you – on their terms. It’s easier than you think!
  • We will create a marketing calendar that will guide you throughout the year and set you on a path to achieve your business and marketing goals. This also helps you to organize and prioritize; systematizing your marketing so you can easily fit it into your already busy schedule.
  • We will measure your success. Using the latest marketing methods and technologies, Swoboda Marketing will teach you how to track and measure your results. You can stop throwing money away on marketing that isn’t working!

Whether you have a marketing team, use an agency or do it all yourself, Swoboda Marketing can work with you to grow your business.  We’ll play as small or as large a role as you need. We can function as your marketing department or we can just be a resource, coaching you through the process.

Clients don’t magically appear. It is your responsibility to help them trust, find, and want to hire you.

When clients can find you easily, you will achieve success.

Start building your company today!




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