Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services consist of directly marketing an email message to a specific group of people. Every email sent to a potential or current client could be considered email marketing. Email Marketing Services for Owners usually involves utilizing a verifiable list of emails whose owners have provided permission or supplied their email address with the express consent to be sent ads, request business, or solicit sales (Opt-in). Email marketing average ROI is $40.00+ for every dollar spent.

The right type of email campaign can have immediate results with these additional advantages:

1. Builds Loyalty
2. Builds Trust
3. Builds Brand Awareness
4. Immediate Release of Information.

Email Marketing Services can utilize cold lists in addition to your current customer database. You can send email messages with the purpose of enhancing relationships with your current or previous customers, and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

• Send email messages with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to refer a friend or family member
• Include special offers and newsletters regarding new services, lower fees or special offers to email messages

Researchers estimate that in the United States companies spent $1.51 billion on e-mail marketing in 2011, this number is expected to grow to $2.468 billion by 2016. Marketing in this manner results in a high degree of satisfaction between the recipient and marketers. When opt-in email advertising is used, it will be “anticipated”. The consumer wants to receive it, which makes these advertisements more effective. They are more personal and relevant to the potential customer than untargeted advertisements. A common example of Email Marketing would be a newsletter sent to a Company’s customers and potential customers. Such newsletters inform customers of news, happenings within the company. Email Marketing allows you to track your results with ease and efficiency. You can determine which campaigns worked and which ones did not.

Email Campaigns

We can also build an entire email campaign that creates an interactive experience that allows you to follow up with your visitors after they show interest in your Business. Through automatically generated triggers, strategic emails can be sent when a visitor shows interest in a specific program, clicks through a link in a previous email or has not responded to a call to action within a specified period of time. These campaigns provide a simple solution to engage current and prospective customers.

Now is the time to discover why Email Marketing Campaigns have proven to be so successful.