How a Web Directory Works

A Web Directory organizes websites by subject, and is usually maintained by people instead of software. The potential customer looks at websites organized in a series of categories, location and business types. These collections of sites are usually much smaller than search engines databases, since the sites are looked at by potential customers instead of by spiders.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) turns submissions to directories and articles to its advantage. You may have an excellent website and the best graphic design work, but now comes the tricky part: choosing an SEO agency. There’s a long list of SEO agencies claiming that they can do submission to directories, link building and article submission, but does a company website really need to build links to a bakery directory?

There are two ways for websites to be included in a Web directory’s listings; either the site owner can submit the website by hand, or the directory’s editor will eventually come across that website.

Google has implemented LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)  and has already started weeding out link farms, and pointless paid links. We find the most worthwhile directories specific to your industry through articles and other web content. Not only does our article submission service ensure that all incoming links to your site are ‘relevant,’ we also ensure that your precious time and resources are not wasted on futile link building.

Swoboda Marketing’s submission services ensure that each manual directory listing we submit is relevant to your website; each directory is chosen based on relevance and reliability. Any major search engine that actually catalogs and indexes a directory has to meet certain criteria. Our service ensure that each directory we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any search engine. Better still, Swoboda Marketing offers only high quality backlinking services so that no reciprocal links are required.

How to Find Directories

A directory is, in general, an approach to organizing information, the most familiar example being a telephone directory. On the internet, a directory is a subject guide, typically organized by major topics and subtopics.

  • Yahoo: Yahoo has one of the best (and oldest) Web directories on the Web, along with its own search engine listings and many other search services.
  • Look Smart is hard to classify as just a Web directory; especially with its recent foray into vertical search channels.
  • Merchant Circle
  • PRWeb
  • And many more!


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