Custom Designed and Developed HTML Websites

Custom Designed and Developed HTML Websites

All websites use HTML to format their pages for display in a web browser. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) has long been the standard for web design. This powerful programming language creates the building blocks of most websites. It is used to code the structure, content and design. Although a Content Management System (CMS/WordPress) still uses HTML, the software platform is PHP a much more streamlined and automated way to create and edit your website content. A CMS website design provides you with a site that is easy to edit without having to code in HTML. HTML. They are very different methods of web design, and you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of either before choosing one to create your new website.

What are the HTML Advantages?

Coding with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) gives users unparalleled control over the design of a website. Users might find a CMS theme that is close to the design they have in mind, but with HTML they can be assured that their exact aesthetic and design specifications can be met.

Flexible SEO
A HTML web design has a much better SEO potential. Effective HTML web designers are able to fully optimize your HTML website from scratch so it can better perform in search engine results. Although new WordPress websites will still have effective SEO friendly designs and function, they may not fare as well as a HTML website. Web designers who know every method and technique available for optimizing an HTML website will tell you HTML is the bomb.

Many WordPress websites will still start out as a few lines of HTML code. If you are looking to create an HTML website, we would advise you to sit down with an experienced Swoboda Marketing HTML web designer to discuss what approach is most appropriate for your business.

Web Accessibility
Insuring that your web site is accessible and usable by people with disabilities is a little easier with HTML web designs. HTML efforts are focused on tools and best practices that promote the development of universally accessible web sites.

Maintainable Code
Most HTML web designers create the initial site design and build all of the pages in the first version of the website. When facing site maintenance customers realize the importance of understanding how the web designer generated the HTML and other code that made up their website. Unlike a WordPress website, all HTML and CSS markup are universally formatted and can later be interpreted by a new web designer with little confusion.